A poll conducted by highly regarded research organization Global InfoAnalytics has revealed that a staggering 48 out of every 100 Ghanaians support the deployment of Ghanaian troops to Niger to fight to restore the overthrown President Mohammed Bazuom.

In effect, 52 Ghanaians are against any such deployment.

The research done between Friday, August 18, 2023 and Saturday 19, 2023, also revealed that 76% of Ghanaians believe that bad is the cause of coups d’état in countries where governments have been overthrown. Surprisingly, 17% do not think bar governance is the cause.

Sample of Poll

Global InfoAnalytics sampled 1,618 people from all sixteen regions.

Given the seeming outrage against the deployment of Ghanaian troops to Niger, the finding that 48 per cent of Ghanaians support the sending of troops to Niger.

Other findings include that 49% of Ghanaians think that coups d’état are not a lasting solution to bad governance in democracies in Africa.

Review the pie charts below:






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