In a striking demonstration of solidarity, the inhabitants of Kue, alongside concerned citizens from Tem Kotokoli, have united their efforts to propel forward the development of the Kue CHPS (Community-Based Health Planning and Services) zone, with a specific focus on finalizing the Kue maternity block—a project entirely constructed by the community.

To ensure transparency and effective management of donated funds, a dedicated committee was formed to oversee the distribution of contributions within the Kue community. Additionally, leveraging modern technology, a WhatsApp group titled “KUE KINGDOM – TEM-GHANA DIGORE” was established to initiate fundraising endeavors and rally support for the project’s completion.

Among the supporters lending their aid through the “KUE KINGDOM – TEM-GHANA DIGORE” platform are numerous donors, whose generosity underscores a collective dedication to community welfare. Notably, a fundraising committee associated with the group convened a significant meeting on March 5, 2024, with the entire CHPS compound committee, comprising staff and stakeholders. During this pivotal assembly, a substantial donation of Gh¢ 5,500.00 was graciously presented, signifying a noteworthy stride toward realizing the maternity block project.

The committee now issues a sincere call to individuals to join in supporting the project in any capacity possible, recognizing that collective effort is essential for ensuring the timely completion of this crucial infrastructure.

Heartfelt gratitude is extended to all donors—past and prospective—as their contributions and forthcoming support are invaluable in bringing to fruition the vision of a fully operational maternity block. May blessings abound upon each contributor, as their selfless acts propel the community towards a brighter, healthier future.