If you are suffering from constant epilepsy do this to get rid of it.

Get some quantity of passion flower (the leaves and flowers), put in hot water and add honey to it.

Take 1 glass 2 times daily for 2 months


If you are suffering from gonorhoa do this to get rid of it.

Collect tobacco leaves, 5 limes, 2 grapes, garlics, 3 pieces of wonderful cola, ginger, potash, melon bunch juice, mix all with ginger, soda water mineral or 1/2 gallon of water.

You then take 1 small shot 2 times daily, for 1 month.


If you are dealing with anemia or loss of blood do this to get back your blood.

You Use plenty of pumpkin and garden egg leaves, squeeze together very well and drink, one tumbler 3 times daily as much as you like.

This helps forms NATURAL CYANOCOBALMIN and subsequently combines with hemoglobin to form the red blood cells.