The Dormaa Central Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Drissa Ouatara has hinted at plans of the Assembly to facilitate development in the municipality until the end of 2024.

He noted that a lot of developmental projects will befall the people of Dormaa Ahenkro in the year 2024 because contract shall be awarded for the expansion of the Tuesday Market to benefit the status of Dormaa Ahenkro as well as the construction of some inner roads within the Dormaa Township stressing that people are encroaching the Dormaa Ahenkro Tuesday Market and so efforts are being made to ensure a demarcation that will provide routes to enhance the movement of the traders during market days.

Speaking in an interview on GIFTS FM morning Show, he noted that the leadership of the Dormaa Central municipal Assembly has reported to the central government on all the roads within the municipality that have not been constructed hence they are working closely with the central government to ensure the construction of those roads.

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On the issue of the damaged fire thunder serving the 3 MMDAs in the Dormaa enclave being the Dormaa West, East, and Central, Hon. Drissa Ouattara shared the pain of the persons who have lost their properties through fire outbreaks in these trying times of the Dormaa Fire station stressing that we are all sitting on a time bomb when it comes to issues of fire service and so the assembly will tirelessly work to ensure the fire thunder is fixed.

He said a series of letters have been written to the Ministry of Interior and the chief fire officer and so the assembly is keenly working to get the thunder fixed adding that the Dormaa Central and Dormaa East Assemblies have raised Ghc40,000 with community support of over Ghc18,000 to support the fixing of the damaged fire thunder.


Story By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa (GIFTS FM – Dormaa Ahenkro)