Fetish Priest storm a demolishing site in Nima

A  supposed fetish priest ended up in the police possession after he was called by some residents of Nima to stop a demolishing exercise in the community.

In a video shared on social media Kofi TV, the fetish priest was seen barely showing up after he was called by some residents of the community to assist them stop the demolishing exercise.

In the video shared on social media, shows the fetish priest in his underpants, with a cloth around his waist and herbs coiled around neck was walking towards the demolishing site as the residents were cheering him up.

The fetish priest who’s entire body was covered with white substance was seen at the arguing of the crowd was seen pouring out a liquid component from the bottle he was holding, perceived to local alcohol “akpeteshie”

He was approached by a police officer who telling him to get calm as he got closer to the demolishing site.

In a moment of argument a police officer was heard instructing the officers interacting with the fetish priest to send him away.

The supposed fetish priest was also heard saying this is a “Property Bio, this is a Property Bio”

A moment later the police officer where seen leading him out of the demolishing site.


Watch the video below

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