The Nigerian music industry was jolted by the tragic news of Mohbad’s untimely demise, and amidst the flurry of rumors and speculations, one voice has finally broken the silence. Naira Marley, the artist who once mentored Mohbad, has shared his heartfelt reaction to the loss of his former signee, shedding light on the profound impact of this tragedy.

In a poignant post on his official Instagram account, Naira Marley expressed his grief through a series of ‘heartbreak’ emojis, symbolizing the deep pain he feels over the passing of Mohbad. This public display of sorrow has resonated with fans and followers, as it reflects the close bond that existed between the two artists during their time together.

The news of Mohbad’s demise had already sent shockwaves throughout the music industry and beyond, and Naira Marley’s response serves as a stark reminder of the emotional toll that such a loss can have on those who have worked closely with the departed artist.

Online reactions poured in as fans and well-wishers reacted to Naira Marley’s heartfelt post. Joy_cema commented, “As their oga don post now, the rest go begin Dey drop their own. What a life.” It’s a sentiment shared by many who expect more tributes and reactions from fellow artists and industry peers.

Official_teekash_xx expressed a strong sentiment, saying, “E no go better for that egbon,” highlighting the anger and frustration that often accompany the loss of a beloved artist

Lovefromchuks delved into the complexities of fame and recognition in the industry, noting, “They will value you more in your absent than your present.” It’s a poignant observation that underscores the sometimes-fleeting nature of fame and the genuine appreciation that often comes too late.

Holla_disney offered a perspective on the unpredictable nature of life, saying, “After they’ve accomplished their deed, that’s life, once your plan is been carried out, you got to act innocent so you won’t be a suspect.” This comment hints at the mystery and intrigue surrounding the circumstances of Mohbad’s passing.

Romanqudus appealed for unity and remembrance, suggesting, “Please make some of those artists gather drop tribute for us make we stream even this day needs to be remembered every damn year.”

Mimmy662 expressed a deep sense of sadness and suggested there might be more to the story, saying, “So sad it’s not ordinary, there is more to it. They value you more in your absent than your present 💔💔 rest on legend 🕯️ justice for Mohbad.”

Naira Marley’s heartfelt response has brought the music community together in mourning Mohbad’s loss, and it has sparked a call for artists to unite in paying tribute to the departed artist’s legacy. As speculations continue, the industry stands united in remembering the talented artist and seeking answers to the questions surrounding his sudden demise.


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