Two people have been confirmed dead after an erratic shooting incident in a tribal conflict at Nkwanta South in the Oti Region on Monday, 20 November, 2023.
A police officer and five others are battling for their lives after an erratic shooting incident at Nkwanta Central Market in Nkwanta South in the Oti region.
The victims are currently receiving treatment at a hospital.

The tribal conflicts involving Adele, Challa, and Akyodes emerged over a traditional festival normally held at Nkwanta JHS school park.
This has left resident in fear as some residents in the town say they have not slept due to the occasional shooting throughout night.

As at today November 21, death cases rise to about 13 most properties destroyed. Most of the residents are on their heels seeking for refuge in the nearby communities and towns.

Meanwhile, a joint military and police patrol team have been deployed to the area to maintain security in the town.
Regional Security Council, REGSEC emergency meeting is expected to be held to find ways to safeguard lives and property and ensure people go about their daily activities peacefully.

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