Marriage Counsellor: Reverend Dr. Mrs.  Charllote Oduro

Ghana’s Controversial Marriage Counsellor Reverend Dr. Mrs.  Charllote Oduro affirms that polygamy is a choice and not biblical and people should not try to justify it because certain prominent persons in the bible were said to have married several wives.

She says polygamy is a choice and should not be brought into the Church because Adam married only Eve and never added any other lady.

Speaking on Accra-based UTV, Counsellor Charllote Oduro said,

“Polygamy is not biblical. Please, it is a choice, so don’t bring it to the Church. The fact is, people watched portions of Dag’s preaching and took what interested them, but he went on to say that when the problems of polygamy come, people who are interested in it should face their problems and take their punishment”.

Counsellor Charllote Oduro was reacting to Dag Heward Mills’ recent comments on Polygamy.

He (Dag Heward Mills) said “Nature even supports polygamy; there is no animal that has only one wife,” he said, quoting 1 Corinthians 11:14 (KJV), which reads: “Doth not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair it is a shame unto him?

He then proceeded to ask: “Which goat has one wife? Which dog has one wife?”

Bishop Heward-Mills added that it is mindboggling how most of the saints and martyrs Christians look up to had many wives but they preach against polygamy.

“Nobody knows when it became a sin,” he said.


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