Today I want to share an ancient permanent remedy for free. This remedy is very active if the patient in “quote “has this disease for less than four years. This has been tested and confirmed many times. I Dr Femi says so for a lot of families can testify on this.


  • CANNABIS(marijuana)


Get your snails as many as you can get what we need is the liquid and they must be albino snails as shown below in the pictures and I repeat….,you must use albino snails or you are just wasting your time and money.

  • Get the liquid out in a clean container cup or any…, mix the rest items with the liquid and blend to paste you can use turmeric powder also but blend all to paste your medicine is ready you take it once in the morning a little shot and one in the night before going to bed.
  • For preservation purpose please prepare the one you can finish for three days or four or if you have a refrigerator? you can preserve it.


  • Today is your lucky day…but please don’t mis use this. It’s for medicinal use don not take excess please.
  • Get your cannabis pour the liquid of the snail on it and sundry it or get it dried by any means you can add little turmeric allow to dry then, it is ready
  • This teaching is for medicinal use and purpose if you like you see this as an opportunity to be smoking up and down…,then think of your heart, your lungs and most importantly madness is real for too much of everything is bad.