In Ramadhan 2024, the people of Kue gathered to pray for the souls lost in a tragic event that occurred in 1998. On this solemn occasion, they came together to honor and remember those who were killed 26 years ago. Led by Sheikh Adams Sina-esor, the community offered prayers for the victims and reflected on the enduring impact of the loss.

The tragic incident, orchestrated allegedly by the former Amankrado Issaka, resulted in the deaths of 8 innocent individuals and left 12 others injured. The attack, which took place during Ramadan, was directed at members of the ruling Koli clan and some Molla individuals amidst a chieftaincy dispute.

The Kue community’s prayer gathering, joined by members of the WhatsApp group “KUE KINGDOM-TEM GHANA DIGORE,” underscores the lasting wounds inflicted by this event, particularly on those from the Koli and Molla clans.

This commemoration serves as a solemn tribute to the lives lost and emphasizes the community’s commitment to healing and moving forward while never forgetting the impact of that fateful day in 1998.

As a testament to the enduring memory of those lost, photographs of the victims—tragically killed by Sakibu and his gang—serve as a poignant reminder of the need for justice within the community. This commemoration serves as a solemn reflection on the lasting wounds caused by the events of that fateful day, urging unity and healing moving forward.