The royal family of Kue, represented by Abdul Kerim Samssoudini, is deeply troubled by the actions of Sakibu Ateku Afora, who claims to be the Amankrodo of Kue. They accuse him of spreading false information among the Tem Kotokoli people for personal gain.

Sakibu alleges that the Chief of Kue enslaved Kue and Tem Kotokoli people under Akyode rule, creating tension between the Kotokolis and Akyodes and making false claims about land ownership. However, the royal family’s spokesperson clarifies that the chief’s connection to the Akyode traditional council was lawful and aimed at gaining autonomy, not slavery.

The people of Kue believe Sakibu’s main aim is to become chief of Kue. He is mobilizing innocent Tem Kotokoli people to support his claim for secession over Kpassa and Nkwanta lands, linking them to Tchaojo lands (TOGO).

Sakibu’s father, Issaka, previously tried to claim the Kue chieftaincy through force, causing misunderstandings with the people of Kue. Sakibu himself has settled relatives in Kue, reportedly arming them and causing fear in the community.

The people of Kue and the royal family urge security agencies in the Oti region and Nkwanta municipal to closely monitor Sakibu and his followers, as his activities threaten the peace in the municipality.

It’s important to note that in 1998, Sakibu was involved in harming innocent people in Kue during chieftaincy disputes. The community of Kue and Tem Kotokoli express their desire to avoid conflict in Nkwanta Municipality.