Police patrol car set ablaze by angered residents in Hohoe

Security analyst, Dr Adam Bonaa has called for a thorough investigation into the disturbance in Gordenu, Hohoe, where violence broke out after a police car run over a motorbike rider.

This follows reports that the police were  chasing the motorbike rider who they suspected of carrying marijuana, however, upon failing to get the rider to pull over, they knocked him down with their vehicle.

Community members got angered by the police action attacked the patrol vehicle and set it ablaze.

In the spring violence, two residents have died from gunshot wounds from police shooting, and 12 residents have been arrested.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Top Story on Wednesday, Dr Bonaa said the police’s account of the incident have to be investigated.

“At what point did the people torch the police vehicle? All these things have to be investigated.

“I believe there has to be a thorough investigation to see if the police were wrong. If they were wrong, those who are found to be culpable must be punished. If these persons who also did what they did are also wrong, then they are punished,” he said.

According to him, both citizens and public institutions should cooperate with the framework of the law.

He also called on the Hohoe MP, Peter Amewu to let cool heads prevail for calm to return to the area for investigations to commerce.

Additionally, he urged the legislator to find a solution so that the police could carry out their duties lawfully.

Meanwhile, the Hohoe MP has expressed anger at the police’s improper behavior and condemned the action of the police.

According to Peter Amewu, their actions put to question their training and their mission to protect Ghanaian lives.

“This gentleman was riding on a motorbike and the patrol vehicle chased this gentleman to stop. It was not a barrier. This is what I’ve been told. It wasn’t at a barrier. And they run down on the gentleman. I’ve been in contact with the IGP, I spoke to national security, it’s not a barrier.

“If it’s a barrier and the guy refused to stop we’d all have something to say. This is not a barrier. An innocent citizen is riding a motorbike, you suspect him to be carrying the marijuana, there could be a way that you bring in your expertise to make sure that the gentleman stops and under no circumstance will you run over such a person and claim it’s an accident.

“I condemn this incident …there’s no way any citizen of this land will accept this incident. And I’m saddened especially knowing the efforts our current IGP has put into the training of our police in society. They’re there to protect citizens, they’re not to be killing the same citizens they’re to protect, otherwise who is going to be left for them to protect?” he said.

The legislator also warned the operational commander in the Hohoe area to stay away from the community.

He revealed he had intercepted communication suggesting a raid on the town by the commander and his men, and had warned that such a provocation would result in bloodshed.


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