The Coalition of Transport Union and Association has warned that if the government fails to remove some taxes from the rise in fuel prices, it will raise transport fares by 20%.

The Association wants the government to wipe away the sanitation and pollution fee, as well as the energy sector levy, to relieve unneeded burden on drivers and other customers.

As a result, the association  has given the government a two-week deadline to repeal these taxes or face having to raise rates.

According to David Agboado, National Public Relations Officer for the Concerned Drivers Association, stated that they had communicated with authorities about their concerns but that nothing had been done.

“We started this some time ago in June 2021 when we wrote to the government, and it sent ministers to us. We deliberated, and we know that the price stabilization and recovery levy is no more working, the energy sector levy is no more working, the sanitation and pollution levy is no more working, and we have issued a statement to that effect, but we are not seeing anything, and we are giving the government two weeks to do something else we will increase fares by 20 percent.”

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