French African countries coup leaders

“I am not in support of Coups but the French youth in these countries who support these military interventions want to change the status quo. For them, enough is enough”

The quote above is the interpretation Ambassador Daniel Ohene Agyekum has given to recent Coup D’etats that have engulfed French-speakme West African states which have visible navy takeovers.
In an exclusive interview, the former Ghana Ambassador to the United States of America mentioned that he is against coups because it does not add a lot development to a country’s progress but terrible governance and dissipation of resources has end up glaring.

“The French youth don’t want to be taken for granted. They have realised their future is bleak if their leaders continue to govern them the same way. Go to the French countries and you will see the influence of France on their resources while they don’t benefit”

” The French pact, their policy of assimilation is not bringing the needed development to them, the youth in the military see all that is happening around them. These officers were trained in France they see the rot and they believe they must take charge now”

“You can’t fault them; their governments are just failing them,” he stated.

Ambassador Ohene Agyekum noted that the tacit support from the populace is going to verify his position and also in a manner legitimize their function.

“When these young military guys took over, you saw the support. Nobody died, their people moved onto the streets to jubilate. It tells you the feeling in the country”


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